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How to Design Your Own Challenge Coins

Having a challenge coin is something that can make you feel proud of. You can make a challenge coin for yourself or for your business. Instead of having a business card for your business, you can design a challenge coin that you can be giving out to during conferences or on any occasion. Making a challenge coin is simple and you will not have to spend much to buy challenge coins. Here are four steps that you can follow to customize your coins.

Step 1; have your ideas. You need to have ideas on how you want your challenge coins to be designed and what you want to be written on your challenge coin. With the ideas you have, you should turn them into writings on your challenge coin. You can also look for someone who knows how to design and design them for you instead of buying challenge coins.

Step 2; choose your shape. You should select the shape you want your challenge coin to have. You need to take start with a round coin then you cut it to create the shape you want. You can produce a star like a challenge coin, dog tags, traditional circles or you can also do a bottle opener challenge coin. View this page to learn more about challenge coins.

There are different metal styles so you need to choose whichever metal you want, you can select either on metal style or you can combine more than one metal and combine them. There are gold metals, silver, copper, and brass so you can pick the one you want and then you polish it to be as good as you want it to be. You should look for a good supplier of these metals so for you to make the best challenge coin that will impress whoever you will give or yourself if you are making a challenge coin for yourself.

Step 4; choose your options. In this stage, you should select the type of coating you want your challenge coin to have. Make sure that the coating you choose will look good on your challenge coins. You can decide your challenge coins to have either of these coatings, keychains, epoxy coating, translucent enamel, sequential numbering or any other special coating you want. With these steps, you should make sure that you utilize them well for you to create the best coating for your challenge coin so that you can have a quality challenge coin. For more information, click here:

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